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Without much activity on my current Internet dating sites I’ve been looking around the ‘net for some more action. I seem to be drawn to sites that do the work for me (,, because none of the other smorgasbord type online dating services have search functions that allow me to really narrow things down to a fine enough point for my liking. Plus - after spending hours reading online dating profile after online dating profile I get everyone all mixed up. This weekend’s find was This dating site forces you to go through their perfect match dating profile generator before you can do anything. The questions weren’t all that different from the personality detectors at or except that they are really more focused on you (me) instead of who you are looking for. examines your essence in the following four aspects: Similarity, Complementary, Core Values, and Lovestyle (a term they have trademarked). I am publishing the results of my test to help explain these four classifications. I’ll discuss each determination in later posts.

Your Similarity Test Results - XBOP
Risk Averse, Relaxed, Optimistic, Seeks Predictability

You don’t like the idea of a quick romantic connection and tend to be more cautious than not developing a relationship. That doesn’t mean you aren’t romantic. In fact, you are more than less likely to put a relationship at the center of your life. Even though you are an optimistic person, and generally expect life to go well, you think love needs time-and more than your instincts-for you to trust it to last. You are looking for a serious, monogamous relationship and you tend to invest deeply in both people and places.

Your Complementary Test Results - SCTI
Structured, Compromiser, Temperate, Introvert

You have strong opinions and you like things “just so”. Still, your personality is modified by the fact you are willing to let someone else take the lead. You tend to be the person in the relationship that lets the other person dominate a large number of decisions. Most of the time, that doesn’t bother you. You are more likely to have many private thoughts about what is going on in the relationship (or your life) before sharing your thoughts with a partner. This has some very good aspects to it. You are unlikely to erupt impetuously and cause arguments that way. On the other hand, you will often come to your opinions and conclusions by yourself, rather than through mutual discussion. This can be alienating to an extrovert. You might want someone who is like yourself and understands this. On the other hand, without an extrovert, things may stay bottled up and become big problems that could have been handled easier, earlier.

Your Core Values Assesment

You seem to be a person of many passionately held core values, and probably not limited to the ones above. You will most likely need someone who has similar core values to your own, or at least, in possession of terrific negotiating skills. Sometimes passionate people respect intensely held differences of opinion. Still, this probably means if there is a lot of conflict throughout the relationship, it could endanger your sense of being soul mates. Ultimately, this may undermine your love for one another.

Your Lovestyle (TM)

You want a lot of closeness and affection but you reserve some time and space for yourself. You need a lot of time together- but you could feel suffocated if you were with someone who wanted total closeness.

As a preview - I am impressed with these results.

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